MM&I provide a complete maintenance and improvement service for all complexes such as; hotels, motels, apartment buildings, commercial complexes, industrial complexes and directly for real estate agencies throughout the Sunshine Coast. Possessing a wide variety of skills and competencies in order to provide a safe, professional and efficient service. Making use of our MM&I services ensures a hassle-free experience for the entire project that’s required. Meaning that we at MM&I will take care of the ongoing exterior maintenance to keep your property or investment looking great all year round by maintaining and improving gardens, high pressure water cleaning of walls, pathways and driveways while also being able to not only identify but be able to rectify possible hazards around the property such as slippery surfaces, uneven paths or unsafe steps which could lead to personal or public injury. While maintaining the outer of the building MM&I also ensure that your interior services remain clean and functional at the same time, from fixing a leaking tap, repairing that hole, or holes in the wall to finally painting it to completion. MM&I’s property maintenance includes all of the small jobs and most of the big, from keeping out those pesky bugs by replacing fly screens and broken windows to that office that’s just been bought or leased and needs a few extra offices, kitchen or shelving added inside.